Early Warning Outdoor Wireless Security – The KwêBeam Approach

The advantage of using wireless outdoor beams for home security is not just the flexibility of supporting a variety of different layouts and configurations, but the increased range of motion detection that you get with beams avoiding wired infrastructure.

Even though Kwêbeams might be a little bit more expensive than similar wired products, the cost saving from not using wired infrastructure and short installation times equates to a huge saving in the end.

Using wireless outdoor infrared detectors can serve as early warning, therefore giving you advance warning of any would be perpetrators. This gives you the ability to monitor movement outside your property via the wireless keypad and/or the GSM module together with the Kwêbeam app.

When the alarm is triggered, your mobile device will connect you to the app for full control and monitoring. It will also be possible to monitor your premises remotely via the app.

Setup and programming of your system can easily be accomplished by means of this app.

The Kwêbeam system has several advantages above similar other products currently available in the wireless outdoor home security market.

Some of these advantages includes:

  • Very affordable maintenance cost – each beam uses 3 x AA(penlight) size batteries that can last up to 3 years.
  • Each beam can serve as a repeater, thus ensuring extended communication range with the base.
  • The availability of an anti-mask version beam is also a big advantage – Ensuring warning should the beam be blocked in any way. Some of the direct competition currently does not have this feature and those who have this feature is much more expensive.
  • The product has been locally developed and manufactured and we have found that the developer of this product is very supportive in the case of technical difficulties.
  • There is also a very short turn around time should repairs be required.
  • The 868 MHz frequency that Kwêbeam operate on also ensure that any jamming attempts are highly unlikely.
  • This product is ideally suited for DIY Installation – All programming is done before the product is shipped or collected by the client. If one can use an electric drill and a screwdriver, installation is usually a breeze.
  • Two-year warranty is also a big advantage.

It has been a long time since we have been exited so much by a specific product. So, I will definitely recommend to make Kwêbeams early warning security system as part of your shortlist when in the market for an wireless outdoor security system.