The Versatile 1 Channel Q Tron MPlex Receiver


1 Ch Mplex Receiver from Q Tron

  • Select 403 or 433Mhz via shunt
  • ADD remotes individually
  • Up to 21 remote codes may be stored
  • 3 timer options, selectable via jumpers
  • Any format may be learned into receiver
  • Relay output N.O and N.C
  • High Receiver Sensitivity
  • AC or DC operation 12-24v


This Q Tron receiver is an extremely versatile and useful receiver.

Q Tron Multiplex receivers are designed to automatically detect any of the common formats on pre selectable frequencies of 403 or 433MHZ.

13 Bit binary, 9bit trinary, French, smart and code hopping can be programmed into the receiver. Up to 21 individual codes may be programmed into the receiver.

Once the frequency is set, only the codes on a similar frequency will operate simultaneously


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