Wireless Kwêbeam (Anti Mask version)


Anti-mask wireless Kwêbeam 15m, 90 deg detection, 2 – 3 years battery life. Included: mounting bracket, AA batteries, build-in siren, build-in repeater, orientation detection and anti-mask feature.

Ships in 1 – 3 work days


The Kwêbeam system has been designed to be effective & easy to install. One outdoor sensor with a keypad completes a fully operational outdoor alarm system. Additional sensors, keypads, SMS control units, repeaters and interface modules can be added as required. A fully programmable built-in siren provides an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder. No additional siren installation is required.

The outdoor motion sensor features dual PIR detection to ignore pets & detect people. Both top & bottom detectors must sense a moving heat source for a valid alarm signal. False alarms are further reduced with software algorithms to differentiate true detection from environmental noise.

The system is completely wireless and powered by standard AA alkaline cells. All wireless beams can transmit & receive signals for reliable 2-way communication. Built-in repeater functionality strengthens wireless performance and overcomes wireless range issues.A Tilt sensor reports orientation changes while the system is armed or disarmed. To prevent theft & vandalism the built-in siren will sound when the sensor is forcibly removed.The Anti-Masking version includes active Infrared sensors that detects damaged lenses or unwanted objects in front of the lens. This prevents masking attempts while the system is armed or disarmed.


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